Fleetwood Town Council sets aside an annual budget from the precept to support community projects, events and initiatives through its grant-aid process. To apply for grant-aid your group must be a charitable or non-profit making duly constituted organisation, whose proposal will significantly benefit Fleetwood and its residents. You must also attend the meeting at which your application is considered to present your proposal and answer any questions.

Your application for Grant Aid must be submitted to the office a minimum of 10 working days before the Full Council Meeting (FCM) at which it will be heard. Our FCM’s are on the last Tuesday of every month except September and December for which there are none.

The application form and the policy guidance can be downloaded from the links below. If you have any questions or need assistance regarding a Grant Aid application, please contact our Community Engagement and Development Officer, Lauren Harrison at: [email protected].

Grant Aid Application Form Grant Aid Policy

A summary of the awards granted since January 2016 is detailed below.

Date Grant Awarded
October 2020 Fleetwood Yacht Lake Public Convenience restoration project £7,000
October 2020 Fleetwood Wellbeing way £2,000
October 2021 Fleetwood Beach Wheelchairs £2410
April 2022 Highbury Morris Dancers £4200
April 2022 Tram Sunday committee £3900
June 2022 Fleetwood Gym football £6346
June 2022 Changing Places Facility £10,000
June 2022 Fleetwood Carnival £3500
June 2023 The Fleetwood Festival of Transport (Tram Sunday) Committee
May 2023 Fleetwood Wellbeing Way
May 2023 Fleetwood Area Police
May 2023 Fleetwood Carnival Committee
May 2023 Harmony & Health

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