Fleetwood Town Council sets aside an annual budget from the precept to support community projects, events and initiatives through its grant-aid process. To apply for grant-aid your group must be a charitable or non-profit making duly constituted organisation, whose proposal will significantly benefit Fleetwood and its residents. You must also attend the meeting at which your application is considered to present your proposal and answer any questions.

Your application for Grant Aid must be submitted to the office a minimum of 10 working days before the Full Council Meeting (FCM) at which it will be heard. Our FCM’s are on the last Tuesday of every month except September and December for which there are none.

The application form and the policy guidance can be downloaded from the links below. If you have any questions or need assistance regarding a Grant Aid application, please contact our Community Engagement and Development Officer, Lauren Harrison at: [email protected].

Grant Aid Application Form Grant Aid Policy

A summary of the awards granted since January 2016 is detailed below.

Date Grant Awarded
May 2019 Friends of Fleetwood Library, cinema club £400
May 2019 Active Lancashire, Community sports events £3,500
Apr 2019 Tram Sunday committee £3,518.40 for road closures and first aid
Jan 2019 Fleetwood Carnival 2019 for first aid and road closure costs – £1,000
Jan 2019 HM Costguard Fleetwood for a defibrillator wall casing – £700
Dec 2018 Sir Peter Hesketh Statue Group for funding a “Fleetwood Day” event in 2019 – £4,500
Aug 2018 The Old Boys Band for new uniforms £1,950
Aug 2018 Rotary Club – Fireworks extravaganza £3,000
Aug 2018 Fleetwood Gym Community Foundation for subsidised free football club places £3,000
Jul 2018 Willow Garden Project for new potting shed for workshops and storage £2,000
Jul 2018 Friends of the Memorial Park for a family outdoor cinema event £2,000
Jul 2018 Fleetwood Sea cadets – contribution to building entrance improvements £2,000
May 2018 Re-launch of Fleetwood Shop watch scheme £2,175 for radios, hardware and running costs
May 2018 Final Homecoming Parade – (Wyre Council arts and events team) £5,935 Road closures, security, first aid, live entertainment
May 2018 Tram Sunday committee £2,354 for road closures
Fleetwood Carnival 2018. Road closure and other safety costs £1,877
St Marys primary school – Green Screen Learning Technology £750
Folkus – “Sailortown” folk music event £500
Westview Community Centre association £2,500 DOE scheme mural project at Chatsworth shops
Rotary Club – Fireworks extravaganza £3,000 Funding for annual fireworks extravaganza
PWRS £960 Replacement fish plates
Scarecrow Festival £1,000 for materials
National Coastwatch Institution £956.64 Spotting equipment
Fleetwood Folk and Blues Festival £2,000
Fleetwood Under 15s rugby club £3,500 New kit and overseas tournament
Fleetwood Carnival 2017 £1,422 Traffic management fees
Citizens Advice North West £2,000 Digital Training equipment
PWRS £500 Storage Shed
Fleetwood Royalettes £500 New uniforms
Willow Garden Project £1,000 Defibrillator
Scarecrow Festival £2,000 for materials
Rotary Club £3,000 Fireworks extravaganza funding
PWRS £460 Obtain lease/legal fees (heritage licence)
PWRS £450 Weed control training (Myerscough)
Fleetwood Folk and Blues Festival £2,000
Rotary Club £1,000 Easter Family fun event
Friends of Memorial Park £6,000 Play equipment

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